Hi, I'm Alex.
A .NET developer with an affinity for architecture and integration

My primary work consists of building solid .NET applications used in complex systems.

Amar 2000

The Amar 2000 is a climate office assistant.
It communicates with Netatmo devices to show you several information sets on a website, circulating through the different connected devices.

The title link (https://github.com/Physer/Amar2000) will take you to the repository of the backend.
Please take a look at this repository: https://github.com/ebabel-eu/amar2000-client if you want to see the frontend.


VRIS is a corporate meeting room assistant. It's an web application that allows you to see and make room reservations for your office. Due to limitations on Microsoft's API at the time of developing this, we are using a workaround that makes use of a VM hosted in Azure that handles the Office 365 reservations requests.

Please note that the title link (https://github.com/Physer/VRIS) will take you to the backend repository. For the frontend repository please look here for the web version: https://github.com/marvos/VRISWEB and here for the React native (app) version: https://github.com/ebabel-eu/VRIS


Snippr is a web application that's used for code snippet sharing and reviewing. Similar to applications like Gist or Pastebin, but with on-premise support.

Recent commercial projects

These are several recent commercial projects I have worked on for different employers.

  • Vlisco

    Vlisco is a webshop that sells different kinds of clothing fabric, aiming at the African market. This webshop is running on a .NET backend using EPiServer CMS and EPiServer Commerce. It's highly customized and contains several different integrations with stock suppliers and payment providers.

  • Mediq

    Mediq is a medical supplier of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. For this customer, I've been working on an extranet that is used by pharmacy employees to administrate medical data for their patients, as well as to order new medication and supplies for them. The application is running on a .NET backend and has SAP integration through middleware.

  • Heineken

    I have worked on several different projects for Heineken. Most notably a tablet-first order system built with a .NET API and an Angular (1.x) frontend. This web application is used by their account managers to order a new range of beers with their customers on-site.

  • Philips Ambassador

    For Philips, I have been building the Ambassador platform. This platform serves a marketing purpose. Philips employees are able to login and share discount codes with their friends and family to gain a new status on the application. This application is built on a .NET API and an Angular (1.x) frontend.

  • Okura

    Okura is a hotel chain originating in Japan. For its establishment in Amsterdam, I have been working on their main website. It's a website that uses .NET (for both backend and frontend) and EPiServer as a CMS. The website also has several integrations with third party applications for, for example, restaurant- or room reservation.

  • NautaDutilh

    NautaDutilh is a laywer's firm. We have built their website a long time ago and currently we're working on a complete rebuild of the backend with some additional features. It's running EPiServer CMS and a .NET backend and frontend.

My curriculum vitae

If you want to see my work and experience, read it online, or download it.